Quick start for buyers
  • 27 Jan 2023
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Quick start for buyers

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Varis for ODP Business Solutions

Varis + ODP business solutions logo, with an abstract image about bright ideasVaris is the digital platform that allows you, as a ODP Business Solutions customer, to purchase from all the selection ODP Business has to offer, at even better prices, while also buying from other complementary suppliers in categories such as janitorial supplies, manufacturing goods, and more. Once your account is established on Varis, enjoy the experience and let us know how we can help you!

Think you have access but not sure about login?
Try one of these options:

  1.  Search your email for "Varis" to find the personalized instructions previously sent to you.
  2.  Try our article on how to log in.
  3.  Contact Varis customer care: customercare@govaris.com or 844-GO-VARIS.

Ready to buy? Let's go!
Search the Varis Help Center for more articles on everything from comparison shopping, to payment methods and returns.
 Go to Varis for ODP Business Solutions (bookmark me!)

Varis for Business Central

Varis is the application you can use directly from Business Central for all your indirect spending, from vetted B2B suppliers with amazing service and prices. If your organization has installed the Varis app, you can search "Varis" from within Business Central and start shopping! Your purchases will track back into Business Central with approvals (if needed), purchase orders, order tracking and more.

Not sure if you have access?
Just type "Varis" in the search bar when you are logged into Business Central.

Want to direct your Business Central administrator to the app? 
☞ Check it out in Microsoft Appsource.

Varis for your organization

If your organization has a private experience on Varis, you've likely seen your company logo at the top. You might have heard it called "BuyerQuest" in the past. In this case, your organization has curated all the applicable suppliers for goods and services you might need for work and put them in one easy experience for to buy from. 

Not sure how to access?
If you are unsure about logging in or where to find your organization's URL, contact your internal IT department, or Varis customer care at customercare@govaris.com or 844-GO-VARIS.

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